Health Concerns, Modalities and Treatment Options

Dr. Wong will likely recommend a combination of the following treatment options in your health and wellness goals. Remember that these are meant to not only address the physical aspect of you, but also the mental and emotional aspects – as all three of these interplay and must be balanced to achieve optimal health.

Botanical Medicine

Naturopathic MedicineNaturopathic Doctors are currently the only health care providers in Canada regulated for the use of botanical medicine. That means, Dr. Wong is guaranteed to use herbs at the right dosage and chooses only those that are effective and safe. Herbs may be prepared in many forms – whole plant (teas or tinctures) and isolated constituents (capsules or tablets). Dr. Wong will carefully evaluate your health condition and take into consideration all potential interactions between the botanical and over-the-counter and prescription pharmaceutical medications.

Health Concerns

Naturopathic Doctors can address a large range of health concerns. Almost all health conditions will benefit from naturopathic medicine at Brooklin Naturopath Clinic.

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The Doctor's Oath

Dr. Wong recognizes, acknowledges and respects each person’s individual healing process. Learn more about naturopathic treatment philosophies

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Treatment Programs

There are many treatment programs that at Brooklin Naturopathic Clinic. Be sure to check this section often for helpful health and wellness facts.

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