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Naturopathic services are now exempt from HST!

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Cold/Flu Prevention

Did you know that research* suggests in the “relatively uncommon circumstance” that the flu vaccine matches the circulating, active virus that year it reduces the risk of influenza symptoms by only 3%?

4% of unvaccinated people develop symptoms versus 1% of vaccinated people. The vaccine also has a modest effect on time missed at work but no effect on complications or transmission.

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Optimizing Your Emotional Well-Being

Are you feeling anxious? Irritated? Constantly stressed? Sad or depressed? Having trouble sleeping? Lacking energy? Gaining or losing weight?

Your emotional well-being has been linked to a plethora of both health related conditions and non-health related parts of your life. For example – anxiety, depression and long-term stress have all been implicated in many chronic diseases such as hypertension (high blood pressure), insomnia, cancer, poor memory, obesity, hormonal imbalances and many more.
Non-health related concerns that may be affected by your emotional well-being include: productivity at work, relationships with your loved ones and general motivation and outlook on life.

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Hormonal Imbalances

Did you know humans have over 50 hormones that are released and have complex interactions with each other and all the organs in our body?

Hormones are involved in regulating our circadian rhythms (sleep/wake cycles), mood swings, immune system, reproduction, PMS, menopause, sexual arousal, metabolism, weight/cravings – and the list goes on.

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Health Concerns

Naturopathic Doctors can address a large range of health concerns. Almost all health conditions will benefit from naturopathic medicine at Brooklin Naturopath Clinic.

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The Doctor's Oath

Dr. Wong recognizes, acknowledges and respects each person’s individual healing process. Learn more about naturopathic treatment philosophies

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